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About Namrata Rustagi 

Namrata ji is also a housewife and an avid food lover who likes to cook and feed others. The idea of creating a line of posh plastic kitchen products striked her amid a kitty party, where her friend's children were playing in the kitchen, and they got wounded with broken glass kitchen containers. Obviously, single-use plastic products were not an option as they are not only environmentally friendly but also ugly by design. 


About Ajay Rustagi

Ajay ji is one of the most profound manufacturing experts in the industry and is known for building a successful manufacturing business from nothing. His great knowledge of plastics and their industrial applications is unparalleled. 


About Himal Rustagi

Himal is our millennial marketing champ who knows how to present literally anything online or offline and sell it in the most marginal way possible. Not only does he believes in great marketing but making the operations happen in the most efficient way possible, with the highest quality standards.